Involvement in arts projects has been proven to be therapeutic and an enjoyable activity for both children and adults. It can encourage team involvement, develop cultural knowledge, evoking issue-based discussion, introduce participants to new materials and craft ideas, and develop untapped artistic potential. Being involved in arts and crafts activities will build confidence in all participants. I have extensive experience in developing community arts projects, creating exciting, inclusive workshops that stretch the imagination, inspire and amuse. I aim to use recycled materials and to minimise the environmental impact of our projects wherever possible.

Mime Artists

Festival/Event Workshops

I have used my experience to design a series of workshops suitable for events. Please view the galley for example of this work .

Schools Workshops

Primary Schools

I have worked with children in Key Stages 1 and 2 for many years and know that puppetry and craft workshops can be popular. I can provide fun and educational arts experiences. Examples could be

Designing and making African influenced costumes for a dance or play, which could involve learning about sewing and printing; facilatating children to make hand or shadow puppets based on a popular tale or story such as Little Red Riding Hood, helping them learn to work as a team and supporting their literacy.

Secondary Schools/Youth Groups

Teenagers can be a difficult group to target, basing a project around something they can relate too can enhance their interest and involvement. This could be an artwork based on health and lifestyle issues such as smoking or designing and printing t-shirts. 

Get in touch to discuss what we could do. 

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