Festive Reindeer

These reindeers are a festive spectacular that brings sparkle and Christmas magic to any event.

We can’t explain enough on paper the impact these characters have on children and adults alike.  We constantly enjoy the faces lit up with enchantment when children realise they can pat and feed the reindeer and that they will, in turn play with them and have fun, not to mention how the herder will capture the children’s imagination  helping them to believe in the Christmas magic these characters create. The herder will encourage people to stroke and feed them while telling stories of their adventures. This character can be Helga the herder, Santa or/ and Mrs Santa or Christmas Elves. 

 The Reindeer are 9 ft tall and 8 ft long and are operated by two puppeteers each. They are made of soft fur, can sit down, blink their eyes, nozzle into people’s necks, scratch their ears, rear up and lay down. They will charm you and create the illusion of being real Christmas reindeer.  

These reindeer have proven to be a big hit with adults and children over the Christmas period. The reindeer can be hired individually as well as together. This act is available full time throughout the Christmas session.

Please see the images and video below and get in touch.