Walkabout Mice


Pipsqueak and Dora-mouse, two adorably cute but mischevous Mice. These wonderful characters are sure to bring sparkle to any event and are versatile to your needs. During the summer months they are cheeky field Mice who spend their time with their park ranger friend, Molly Dimple. They can dress up with hats and scarfs or scamper about without. Around Christmas time they become church/choir mice assisted by the choir mistress Margot, who encourages them to practice their Christmas Carols and spread Christmas cheer and magic. Both acts are accompanied by their own music and bring cheer to all.

I am developing other costume ideas, including Three Blind Mice (there are nearly three) and Beatrice Potter Mice. Please get in touch if these are of interest or if there is anything else you'd like to see them become.


 Cheeky Field Mice

Pipsqueak and Dora-Mouse two playful and adorable Mice  have a wondrous impact on children and adults alike as they walk and dance in the street, play in the park and sing their songs, spreading their mousey charm. They fascinate children, whose curiosity, wonderment, playfulness and confidence develop as they interact with the mice, talking to them, dancing with them and playing with them.

 Molly Dimple the Park Ranger, (who found them playing while doing her rounds in the local park) loves to spend her time with these cheeky rascals. She keeps them in line following them around with their favourite joyful music. Molly will encourage everyone to play games with them, share their favourite dance moves all while telling stories about their adventures. Pipsqueak and Dora-Mouse bring an explosion of magical mouse-ical joyousness to any event.  

Please see video and images below and get in touch.


Church Mice

Pip-Squeak and Dora-mouse two wonderfully cute but cheeky Church Mice have escaped from choir practice. Hot on their squeaky heels is Mistress Margo the choir master who will follow them with her portable Christmas music, encouraging them to sing/squeak Christmas carols that they need to  practice for the Church recital; but will they do it?

 Margo loves these mischievous mouse students, She will tell stories about them, encourage people to play games with them, dance with them, sing songs with them and have a squeaky chat.

The impact these loveable characters have with children and adults as they walk the streets spreading their mousy charm is an explosion of Christ-mouse Joy. This act will bring Christmas magic to any event.

Please see images and video below.